Rosebel concludes 2023 with support for social institutions and communities in Brokopondo

On Wednesday, December 20, 2023, the Rosebel Community Fund (RCF) of Rosebel Gold Mines N.V. (RGM) organized a memorable Christmas Charity event, where representatives from 10 social institutions received a heartfelt donation in recognition of their dedication throughout the past year. These institutions include boarding schools such as Siswa Tama, Soender Singh, Wisma Karijawati, Elizabethshof, Christoforus, and foundations such as RIYOS (Richly Impact Young Ones), Kinderhuis Johanna, Matoekoe, and Huize Albertine, each receiving a donation from RCF.



Marijke Zschuschen from the Matoekoe Foundation expressed deep appreciation for this initiative by Rosebel Gold Mines. She emphasized how this support gives organizations a boost after a challenging year, especially following the trials of the Covid period. “It was a tough time for all institutions, and this contribution allows us to look ahead. We are immensely grateful for this support from Rosebel.”

To conclude the year, RGM also organized an event for representatives of the Communities of Interest (COIs) in Brokopondo. During this festive gathering at Chi Min, representatives from the COIs were treated to a celebratory dinner and an entertaining Bingo drive, where various prizes were awarded. Peter Luo, CFO of RGM, expressed his delight at the enthusiastic participation. “I am pleased to see that our relationship with the communities has improved this year, and I see a promising future for our involvement and ongoing collaboration. Zijin’s mission and commitment are centered around ‘Mining for a better society,’ which we will surely continue to implement within our COIs in the upcoming year. My hope for 2024 is that we can build a mutually beneficial relationship.”


The RCF was established with the primary goal of contributing to a sustainable future for the communities surrounding the Rosebel operation and the Surinamese society in general. RGM annually allocates funds through the RCF, intended for projects to strengthen healthcare and community development in the fields of education, healthcare, and socioeconomic progress.

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