At Rosebel Gold Mines, we offer you many opportunities: we are one of the largest private employers in Suriname and offer a wide range of career paths, with all the support and incentives you need to be your best. The company is one of South America’s largest producing gold mines and includes the Rosebel and the Saramacca mining areas.

The majority of our employees are Surinamese employees, including employees from the surrounding communities in district Brokopondo and Boven Saramacca area. Nine percent of our workforce are women and twenty-six percent are from the local communities in Brokopondo.

Zijin’s mission is “Mining for a Better Society” and stands by the values of “Harmony Brings about Wealth” and “Balanced Development of the Company”. The gold mining industry is dynamic and knows many challenges. It is the people in the company that make the difference and it depends on those people whether or not the company objectives are realized.
Therefore, “Putting people first” is one of the most important company principles of Zijin and its subsidiaries. Putting people first, Pursuing excellence means that employees are stimulated and given the opportunities to successfully perform their duties. Only then can they make an optimal contribution to the realization of the production objectives, and objectives in the field of health, safety, and environment.