Sustainable Community Development


Community Development

Rosebel contributes to the sustainable development of surrounding communities in Brokopondo. We aim for building sustainable relationships and development of the Communities of Interest (COIs): Nieuw Koffiekamp, Nieuw Lombe, Marshallkreek, Klaaskreek, Balingsoela, Brownsweg, Kwakoegron and the Pikin Saramacca COIs (Misalibi, Baleng, Nieuw Jacobkondre) and our Community Relations department through structural engagement. We continuously engage with:

  • Traditional Authority members;
  • Communication Communities of the COIs;
  • Government officials;
  • Districts Commissioners;
  • and other key stakeholders within the COIs.

Our community development goals are being achieved by implementation of our Social Performance Program with emphasis on Community Investment, Local employment, Local procurement, Small scale mining management and pit intrusion management. This includes the implementation of the Community Investment strategic plan for enhancing RGM contribution to the communities.

Local Content

As part of strengthening our Sustainability efforts, we promote Local Content related innitiatives throughout our operations in the focus areas of local employment and procurement.

Local employment

Local procurement


Other Sustainability initiatives include the execution of educational programs focused on capacity building initiatives, youth talent development and strengthening the Brokopondo district education infrastructure. We also implement health care programs with a focus on medical infrastructure strengthening, raising awareness and capacity building. Other efforts include support of road maintenance projects in the COIs and strengthening income generating activities for local entrepreneurs.



Infrastructure & Development

RGM Cultural Heritage Management Program

To conserve Suriname’s Cultural Heritage resources on the RGM concession we have implemented the RGM Cultural Heritage Management Program. As part of this program, RGM personnel is trained in the Cultural Heritage Chance Find Procedure and facilitates the Surinamese Directorate of Culture with innitiatives for Cultural Heritage Finds management within the communities.