As a mining company, Rosebel is aware that its activities impact the environment. Our goal is therefore to continually seek ways to minimize or eliminate these environmental impacts. We do so by maintaining strict environmental guidelines, both internally and externally, in order to maintain a high degree of harmony and unity among the environment, the society, and attainment of economic value. We set targets for ecological environment conservation, and conduct our business with high importance to conserve biodiversity and ecological systems, use sustainable resources, avoid pollution, and improve waste management.


From November 2005, Rosebel is ISO 14001 certified. The international certification indicates that Rosebel conducts its operations in a sustainable manner with regard to environmental management. Our contractors are also compelled to improve the quality of their products and services and to meet the requirements. Furthermore, we engage in frequent dialogue and collaborative work on environmental concerns with local and international industrial organizations, institutions of higher learning, and other external stakeholders to support the company’s sustainable development.

A few key aspects of our enviromental policy are: