Rosebel Gold Mines N.V., has strict standards covering Health & Safety, cooperation with local communities and protection of the Ecological Environment.

The company is committed to achieving the highest standards in human health and safety, to minimize its impact on the environment, and to work cooperatively with its host communities. It is the company’s aim to comply with international best practice standards, and involve the surrounding communities to ensure sustainable, responsible operations.

We promote collaboration between Rosebel’s Social and Environmental Team and the local communities, which involves projects such as financing equipment and training local people in carrying out environmental studies through data collection. This enables them to monitor, manage and protect biodiversity present in the area, so no single species will become extinct.

Also, when it comes to new development projects, we apply all possible measures to ensure protection of the environment. Prior to setting up the new mine at Pikin Saramacca, we conducted an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), to confirm the existing conditions in the area and structure any activities which would impact the environment.

Among the many stakeholders of Rosebel are its employees, the members of the communities immediately surrounding its activities and the people of Suriname in general. The focus of Rosebel in terms of social responsibility is to maintain effective lines of communication between itself and its stakeholders, to support the growth of surrounding communities and to contribute to advancements in various sectors, such as healthcare and education.

Rosebel has established numerous programs and practices in the areas of health & safety, community development and environment that support our vision and objectives. Our approach has garnered recognition from credible institutions that work with and monitor the activities of mining companies. Locally, the results of our efforts in all areas of sustainability have proven the success of the programs.