Life on site

Home away from home

Rosebel is a 24-hour operation, requiring two shifts to keep the operation running. Each day, about 2,000 employees are present at the Rosebel Plant in Brokopondo. These employees work and live on the Rosebel Plant during the period they are scheduled to work according to various rotations. Rosebel is a safe place to work and every precaution is considered.

The camp has been named in honor of David Fennel who was the President of the Company that discovered the gold deposit. Camp David has approximately 1,200 rooms and two guest houses. All rooms and offices are equipped with air conditioning and furnishings to make you feel more comfortable and motivated, to start your daily activities.

The living facilities at Rosebel are such to make the life of our employees at site as convenient as possible. We have a fully modernized kitchen, which prepares 4,500 nutritious meals daily. Our Laundry room ensures that our employees have access to clean clothing according to the laundry schedule. The convenience store offers snacks, drinks, and basic hygiene products.

Rosebel Gold Mines promotes a Fit for Work & Healthy Lifestyle through sports activities. The recreation facilities are open every day and offer a wide variety of after-work indoor or outdoor activities. All these facilities and activities are intended to make our employees feel at home during their work and stay at the Rosebel Plant.