Rosebel Community Fund finances Kee Wosu Marshallkreek

The official handover of the new Kee Wosu (funeral home) at Marshallkreek by representatives of the Rosebel Community Fund Foundation (RCF) to the local community, took place on Friday, July 14. This construction project cost over SRD750,000, and was accomplished through a collaboration between representatives of Marshallkreek and the RCF. Within the Surinamese Maroon tradition, the Kee Wosu is an important ancestral shrine, used for ritual purposes in connection with funeral ceremonies. Basja Julian Eersteling of Marshallkreek was very elated about reaching this milestone for his village. “This is the last house we will all visit on our way to the afterlife and it makes me feel good that from now on these events can take place in a beautiful setting when someone dies,” he said. “We worked on this project for more than six years before we finally applied for funding from the RCF. So this is a very important day for us, that the community of Marshallkreek has been able to be the first village in Brokopondo to achieve a modern Kee Wosu.”


The ceremonial handover was done by Jerry Finisie, Vice President of the RCF also Community Relations Manager at Rosebel Gold Mines N.V., to Marshallkreek Captain Eldridge Dahl. Also present were representatives from other villages in Brokopondo, such as Chief Captain Walden of Klaaskreek, and representatives from the District Commissioner’s office. Chairperson of the Communications Commission of Marshallkreek and leader of the project, Delvia Eersteling, also addressed a word of thanks to the RCF board on behalf of the community.

The RCF aims to make a contribution to Surinamese society, but in particular to the communities surrounding the Rosebel operation. Among other things, the Foundation tries to achieve this goal by funding projects and activities that promote sustainable development.


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