Our Supply Chain department is continuously innovating in order to deliver the right products and services at the right time, the right quality and at the right price in a manner that reflects our principles of transparency, fairness, honesty, integrity, and respect.


Interested in supplying goods or services to Rosebel? Please register as a potential supplier by downloading and completing our Vendor Pre-qualification Form and submit by e-mail to
If approved, you will be added to our vendor database. 


Rosebel Procurement contains certain Standard Terms and Conditions for goods and services and Standard Terms and Conditions for works which are attached as an annexure to the Purchase Orders and Agreements. These are deemed to form an integral part of all Orders and Agreements.  


Rosebel offers procurement opportunities to suppliers on a regular basis. Listed below are our current Expressions of Interest (EOI), Requests for Proposal (RFP) and Requests for Quotation (RFQ).

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RGM21_027 Request for Quote – Supply of Pickets and Laths
Uploaded: 17 February 2021 1 items
RGM21-027 Request for Quote - Pickets & Laths.xlsx
Uploaded: 17 February 20214.0 MB
RGM21_028 Request for Proposal – “TSF Consulting 2021 to 2023
Uploaded: 18 February 2021 2 files
RFP RGM21-028 - TSF Consulting 2021 to 2023.pdf
Uploaded: 18 February 2021599.1 KB
RGM21-028 Appendix A - Schedule of Rates.xls
Uploaded: 18 February 202137.9 KB
RGM21-029 Request for Proposal – Constructing of A Siren Tower
Uploaded: 19 February 2021 3 files
Appendix D_RGM-TC-STD-2018-08 Standard TC Works.pdf
Uploaded: 19 February 2021278.5 KB
RFP RGM21-029 Constructing of a Siren Tower.pdf
Uploaded: 19 February 2021341.7 KB
RFP Ditch maintenance Pay Caro pit, Rosebel Pit and Rosebella Pit
Uploaded: 19 March 2021 4 files
RFP Ditch maintenance Mayo pit, Royal Hill North Pit and Royal Hill South Pit
Uploaded: 19 March 2021 5 files
RGM21-033 Request for Proposal – TSF3 ESIA Permitting
Uploaded: 01 April 2021 4 files


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